Robel Yemane

Me in a nutshell

Software Engineer (DevOps) and tech enthusiast.

I live and work in London. Born and lived in Eritrea for ~ 2/3 of my life.

I had a few years stint as a building surveyor after finishing high school.

Multilingual - Tigrigna, English, Italian and French. Sadly, I'm forgetting the last two by the day.

Some more details?

More about me here.


Stuff I am doing now.

Why a website?

This is my corner of the [digital] world. A space I own, where I can freely express myself and have full ownership of the contents, without depending on any third party or social media giant.

Another reason is that I had little to no interest in front-end or web development. During the lengthy lockdown, however, I thought I could make use of the time by learning something new. So, since I have always toyed with the idea of having my own website: here it is!

Very basic, as are my current skills in HTML/CSS.

I intend to keep it as minimalist as possible. This means not using any framework or library and hand-writing everything.