Robel Yemane

The story you tell yourself

How does it sound? What are the contents? Is it one where every reason, every excuse points outwards to the world depriving you of any agency? Or, is it one where you are the main actor in your life, and you have the choice and ability to shape the course of your life?

What that story looks like matters a lot. You should know that it is a reinforcing feedback loop. What you tell yourself you believe. What you believe you actualise. What has been actualised meets the specifications you designed reinforcing your story and your conviction in it - making it a full circle.

Decide which story you want to believe - you have that freedom. Create a filter granular enough to filter in the elements your story is based on. Live your life that way. Your filter will feed you what you want to see, what you want to believe and the feedback loop will kick in.

Concentrate on your responses. The world, reality, truth, simply IS. There is no positive or negative quality to it. Your response, your story about the world and the meaning you give to it is what your world consists of.

Your world is unique to you. Your response to events, the filters you use and the story you tell makes it so. Beware to not go out and look for victimising and paralysing stories. As long as you are alive and healthy, the story is yours to invent and live. Tune your filter accordingly.